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Traveling through Switzerland

Switzerland is the classic example of tourism in the country. The beginning of international tourism started in the last century.
MapSwiss - 2
Switzerland is an elegant town and the famous resorts, with comfortable hotels. It’s majestic mountains, pristine lakes and scenic hillsides. A small amount of space are focused the beauty of nature and outstanding works of human hands. The country is located in the heart of Europe. The North of the country is hilly plateau. Here are the major industrial centers such as Zurich. The Central part, East and South – mountains, deep gorges, eternal snow and glaciers. The shores of lake Geneva, the valley of Valais, where the river Rhone is an area of orchards, fields and
vineyards. Here is the famous Swiss resort Lausanne.On the border with France is Geneva...
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The Attraction Of Switzerland

Bern: the Swiss capital, an important city of diplomacy, one of the oldest and most charming cities in Europe. The city’s origins date back to the 12th century. The city’s appearance slightly changed over the centuries. Today many buildings are of Sandstone, historic towers and unique fountains, Bern is one of the best examples of medieval architecture in Europe. In 1983 UNESCO declared Bern a world Heritage.
Bern: Zytgloggeturm
The bell tower Titlecontent (Bern): the Main attraction and the symbol of Bern (XII century), once served as the Western gate of the old city. The East facade of the tower is decorated with the famous opening hours Kaspar Brunner. Clock displays not only the time and day of week, month, sign of the zodiac and phases of the moon...
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The journey through Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of those countries where Russian person, nice and comfortable. The Bulgarian language is similar to Russian, so communication problems, as a rule, does not arise. Think about this country, and in the head line from the song “Good country Bulgaria…”. That’s right — everything here is good: and the climatic conditions, and resorts,
balneology, which is one of the best in Europe.People come here to rest your body and soul, here are something any category of tourists. Some are attracted to the country Bulgaria balneology, other warm Black sea, the third — ski resorts.

It should be noted that skiing in Bulgaria — one of the most common activities in the cold season. The temperature here in winter 10-15 degrees below zero...

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Excursions in Bulgaria

Sofia – Plovdiv – Rila monastery (bus tour, resorts of Varna and Burgas)The two-day trip to modern capital of Bulgaria – Sofia is one of the oldest cities in Europe. In the program: a walk through the town centre, the national theatre and the monument to the Tsar Liberator, and the temple-monument “Alexander Nevsky”, the largest Orthodox temple in the Balkans, and the Russian Church.

1 rila_monastery_bulgaria
The route will pass through the town of Plovdiv – the city of the sanctuary with a unique rich history. Tour includes acquaintance with the architecture of the Bulgarian revival period, as well as visiting the ruins of the ancient theatre and stadium. Particularly notable the bayrakli mosque is a good example of that in Bulgaria in harmony together people of different faiths.
Essential excursions...
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Balneology in Bulgaria

Balneology (from lat. balneum – bath, bathing) engaged in the study of mineral waters: their properties, methods of
Thermal Springs in Rupite
their use for therapeutic and prophylactic purpose, indications and contraindications.
Balneotherapy external treatments with mineral waters, this also includes the use of mineral waters for drinking, washing-bowel irrigation, inhalation. Bulgaria has a number of beautiful beach resorts with valuable mineral waters. In them there are balneological and physiotherapeutic hospitals, modern hotels that provide opportunities for recreation. Bulgarian Spa resorts combine great climate and abundance of mineral springs. The combination of curative mud and mineral springs is favorable for year-round treatment, recovery and rest...
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Landmarks Of Italy

Rome: the capital of Italy. In ancient times Rome was one of the major cities in Europe, political and cultural centre of the Roman Empire.
The ancient city of seven hills was also the capital of the papal States, and in our day it is the city-state of Vatican city. Since 1871 Rome was proclaimed the capital of United Italy. The city is famous and priceless architectural monuments, in particular – antique ensembles, and also holds the title of cultural capital of the world. Its many museums and exhibition galleries is an integral part of world cultural heritage. In the vicinity of the city on the picturesque hills there is a large area in which he loved to rest the Roman emperors and the nobles. And now the area is the Villa of Pope...
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Austria is the cradle of culture

Austria is a country of Alpine peaks, mountain lakes, meadows and cool forests. It was inspired by the great composers Mozart, Schubert, Haydn, Brahms, Gluck, Mahler and internationally recognized king of waltzes Strauss.

Winter Austria for centuries has become a favorite destination. There are resorts for all tastes – from luxury and prestige to youth sports, from world popular to the obscure, from crowded to secluded.

Austria is a traditional village taverns with the national colors and excellent cuisine, charming mountain huts, keeping the charm of antiquity, the route with a perfectly equipped slopes, picturesque slopes for every taste and skill, a complex system of lifts and, of course, his Majesty service as always, on the highest level, successfully attracting tourists from all ...

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